Top Sites with Free Photos for Church Announcements

We live in a digital age where most church-goers expect the content of a Powerpoint presentation or even church bulletins to be designed well graphically with beautiful images. But if you’ve worked on designing a church bulletin or powerpoint presentation for a Sunday service, you’ll know how hard it is to find quality content at a reasonable price. Thankfully, new sites have popped up in the past few years that provide excellent imagery that comes at the perfect price, free!

We’ve compiled a list of the best sites to find quality, royalty-free images below. If we missed one, don’t forget to comment below the post to highlight it!

  1. Unsplash

This is a favorite among graphic designers with its easy to use platform (you literally click on the images you’d like to download and save the image to your computer), and full-screen image quality, Unsplash is one of the best resources to find high-quality images for free.

One note: the site updates every week with ten new images, don’t forget to subscribe to the site to keep up to date with all of their newest photos. 

2. Pixabay

Another great site is Pixabay, with its simple search feature and over 600,000 images to search through, the site offers awesome image quality at the click of a button.

3. MorgueFile

This website features professional photos from a range of photographers with a very diverse set of content. The high-quality images on the site will help your content and materials definitely stand out!

4. PicJumbo

The final resource on our list is PicJumbo, which is a fantastic searchable archive of thousands of free, high-quality images. This database is the perfect location to find the best visual content to share with your members.


We hope this list helps you create great, visually driven content to share with your church members. If you have a site you love, but that’s not on the list, please share the link in the comment section below!

One thought on “Top Sites with Free Photos for Church Announcements

  1. One go to site for me is Many different backgrounds, searchable by topic or scripture text. Quality varies, but I can often find something I like there.
    I also like most backgrounds have text, some don’t, but they are very high quality.


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