The Top 5 Worst Fonts. Ever.

Have you ever heard of the statement that 95% of design is written language? It is only logical to think that a graphic or web designer should get training or some knowledge in the shaping of written information, called typography.

For me it is probably the most important stage in design and the most exciting. I guess you could say that I am slightly obsessed with it. Typography is the art and procedure of arranging type in printed or digital matter. In this article typography is fonts.  Fonts are kind of like cars—we notice the bright ones, the fast ones, the ones that stand-out above the rest. However, for the most part the majority roll on past us, unnoticed. Then there is the 1971 Ford Pinto. The car that gives anyone the shivers just thinking about it. A car that is known for exploding when rear-ended at low speeds. The car that no one knows why anyone would ever drive one, but yet you saw them.

So, because I care so much about my readers I have decided to give you the top 5 worst fonts ever created.


Papyrus is a typeface designed by graphic designer Chris Costello in 1982. His goal was to create a handwritten font that would represent what the written word would have looked like on papyrus 2000 years ago. It is the cool person font to use for anyone who has no idea about typography. Do all of us a favor, just delete this font from you computer.


The graphic design police should hunt down and arrest everybody who uses this font. Comic Sans MS or simply Comic Sans was created in 1994 by a designer by the name of Vincent Connare and was released by Microsoft Corporation. It was inspired by comic book lettering but, there is nothing comical about using this font in anything, and I mean anything.


Ok seriously, do I need to say anything else about this font? One time I actually had to read an entire page that was typed in Curlz MT only. It almost killed me. I became dizzy, almost fainted twice and had visions of what hell must feel like. It was one of the worse moments of my life.


Here is a ubiquitous font that looks neither like a brush or script. This font should never be used as a substitute for handwriting because nobody’s handwriting looks remotely like this. If you ever need something created to look like it was handwritten with a brush hire a real good painter, never use this font.


Impact is one of the most popular header fonts. It was popular among youth groups in the early 2000s with the name—Impact. It is designed to do what it’s name says—impact the reader. It has been so overused that good designers don’t even bother with its existence. Because of it’s misuse it has become a very amateur font to use in design. If you are looking for a more updated headline font use one such as Bebas Neue.

Even though typography and fonts are a very important stage in graphic and web design it’s just the beginning. There are many other stages in design to consider like color, photos, icons etc. Once you find the right font you know you are on the right track for success.

Did we miss any terrible fonts? Share with us fonts that make your skin crawl just as much as these.

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