Can You Use a GoPro in Church?

Church camera systems have grown increasingly complex and modern, but with this growth also comes an additional expense on many budgets that are already feeling the pinch. With many churches wanting to develop how their services are visually captured and shared, some are turning to less conventional means of capturing these moments.

One innovative idea includes using a GoPro, a portable video camera, as an easy and inexpensive point-of-view (POV) system. This slightly unconventional means to capture video imagery can help churches save thousands on expensive camera equipment and brings additional features that typical video systems do not offer.

For starters, GoPro camera’s are definitely one of the least expensive video cameras on the market, pricing for GoPro cameras can range from $100 to $500 for the camera and case. Additional mounting options can also be purchased. This price is perfect for churches with small budgets that are looking for a comprehensive video network. Not only are the cameras inexpensive to purchase, carrying around or even storing the equipment is a smaller risk compared to the typical bulky equipment that can be worth thousands of dollars.

Another great benefit of utilizing a GoPro for taping church services is the added advantage of POV camera angles that allow for a more dynamic service by offering multiple perspectives to a worship set or sermon. Since the price of the camera is so low, churches can purchase multiple cameras to share multiple perspectives.

No matter the use, the equipment and systems are available for organizations and individuals to maximize both their exposure and impact within any setting. Grab a GoPro and try it out and let us know how it works out – we’d love to see the system integrated within your church setting!

Check out the video below of Trinity Fellowship Church using a system with 4 GoPro cameras filming their worship set!

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