Best Free Font Websites for Church Media

We learned a few weeks back the difference between serif and sans serif fonts and the different uses they offer for church media presentations, but once you’ve figured out the best type of font, how do you find the best one to use?

Therein lies the problem these sites are hoping to solve for individuals looking to find different styles of fonts to help their presentations stand out to the crowd.

Check out a few of the sites below and the different font styles they offer, all for free!

  1. Google Fonts


A definite standout and favorite among graphic designers, this site is run by Google, who is dedicated to, “Making the web more beautiful, fast, and open through great typography.”

The site offers over 800 font families to download and use freely. This is definitely an amazing source to find many commonly used fonts that offer a clean and crisp aesthetic.

2. Font Squirrel


This one comes in a close second to Google Fonts. With hundreds of fonts to choose from, the site also offers additional font “services”, including a font identifier and a web font generator. Both of these tools are excellent ways to support any design needs related to font usage.


3. Da Font


A final website that offers some of the best unique fonts by authors from around the world is With dozens, if not hundreds of unique and original fonts, DaFont offers all of these at no cost with public domain licensing.

The site features numerous unique script and icon fonts, including a large selection of “Dingbat” fonts, which are simply icons when typed out in a document.

No matter the usage for a font, these three sites are several of the top resources to find new and original fonts that can offer a unique flair or touch to whatever the presentation. To find additional resources on how to make the best possible announcement slides, click here. 

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