Affordable Gift Guide: Worship Team Edition

Christmas is just around the corner which means many of you reading this are busy with planning meetings, rehearsals, stage design, decorations, and all of the other wonderful things that come with the holiday season. I know I said that in the “Affordable Gift Guide: Production Team Edition” article but it’s true! This time of year brings so many obligations for the church, the staff, and the volunteers that trying to do anything else but survive seems nearly impossible.

While I can’t promise you a disaster free Christmas service, I at least want to lower your stress levels by offering you some great gift options for your Worship Team.

So let’s get started!

Hot Sox Guitar Socks ($12.00)

Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 12.07.43 PM.png

Who doesn’t love a good pair of crazy socks, am I right?  I know everyone hates getting socks for Christmas but I feel like these are the exception just based on awesomeness alone. If you want a musical option other than guitars, you can also purchase Piano socks and Music Note socks for other band musicians or vocalists.

The Design Studio – “Gsus, He Knows My Name” Mug ($10)


Okay, this mug is so incredibly cheesy that I couldn’t help but add it to the list! If you know a guitarist who also enjoys a good pun, they will love this mug. During the holiday season it’s safe to say they will be drinking plenty of coffee so why not add some musical parody to their morning?

UniqueChicBowtique Music Bow Tie ($13.99)


I love a nice bow tie, especially when it adds some character to what would otherwise be a pretty bland looking shirt and slacks. This musical bow tie would be the perfect addition to any musical hipster’s wardrobe.

Vespe Studio Customized Mic Necklace ($17.00)


I think this necklace would make a wonderful gift for a female member of your vocal team. With the customizable charm for their initial, it feels personal. If this isn’t exactly the style you’d prefer, there are many other affordable options on Etsy with a variety of microphone, music notes, and instruments charms to chose from.

Stylophone Retro Pocket Synth ($22.95)

Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 12.40.00 PM.png

Did you watch the video? WATCH. THE VIDEO! There’s no way you can see this magic of this pocket sized stylophone and not want one. At $22.95 it’s the most expensive gift on the list but I think it’s well worth it. It’s basically a toy for adults and I love it!

The Oregon Trail Card Game ($14.99)

Screen Shot 2016-12-07 at 2.21.54 PM.png

This gift is going to hit all the millennials on your Worship Team right in the childhood. I actually remember getting an Oregon Trail computer game for my birthday one year as a child and it was the highlight of my year. The Oregon Trail Card Game would be a great way to pass the time during band rehearsal breaks and to bring some nostalgia to your holiday get togethers.

I ended my last article with this same statement, but it’s important enough to repeat. I want to remind you that the most impactful gift you can give your team is gratitude. Ministry can be taxing, especially around the holidays, and making a genuine effort to show tell them how much they’re appreciated will mean far more than the dollar amount of any material gift.

What did you think of this article? What gifts do you think should have made the list? We’d love to hear from you!

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