Affordable Gift Guide: Production Team Edition

Christmas is just around the corner which means many of you reading this are busy with planning meetings, rehearsals, stage design, decorations, and all of the other wonderful things that come with the holiday season. This leaves little time to fit in other Christmas gatherings and activities, not to mention the hunt for the perfect gifts … Continue reading Affordable Gift Guide: Production Team Edition

My Favorite Christmas Song Arrangements

It's November which means I can officially start posting about Christmas! I know for most ministry workers this is both an exciting and extremely stressful time of year. Many hours of planning, preparation, rehearsing, and designing go into holiday services and events. For now, I'd like to kick of the season with some of my … Continue reading My Favorite Christmas Song Arrangements

Fire Safety in Stage Design

When you are setting up the stage design for your worship service, it’s always important to be sure everything is set up for maximum safety. One of the biggest concerns for many churches is the possibility that a fire could break out. When you have multiple instruments, amplifiers, microphones, speakers, lights, and various other devices … Continue reading Fire Safety in Stage Design

Portable Tech for Worship Teams On the Go

Does your church rent space rather than stay in a single dedicated location? Does your worship team often travel for events or holiday celebrations? Maybe you just need the ability to move from one church location to another on a regular basis, but can’t afford two sets of gear. Whatever the reason, there are many … Continue reading Portable Tech for Worship Teams On the Go

Basic Rigging Tools You Should Know

From Christmas plays to special worship events, it’s probable that if your church has a dedicated space for worship and productions, you’ll need to understand rigging at some point. Rigging simply means hanging equipment from above. If you utilize suspended spot lights, you’re rigging. Any time you have heavy, expensive equipment suspended in the air, … Continue reading Basic Rigging Tools You Should Know

Video Streaming 101: How to Get Started

As technology grows, streaming sermons and church conferences has become far more popular. It’s a great way to connect with those who cannot be physically in the building, for a variety of reasons, or those who wish to connect to the message on other days. So it’s no surprise that streaming the worship service has … Continue reading Video Streaming 101: How to Get Started

Crash Course Resources: Post-Production Edition

When it comes to producing quality videos for your church, there is so much to learn! Fortunately, there is a seemingly endless supply of resources online to help. Here are a few of my favorites to get you started.   VIMEO VIDEO SCHOOL This is the perfect site to find foundational tutorials for any editing … Continue reading Crash Course Resources: Post-Production Edition

Steps to Stopping Feedback in its Tracks

Feedback. That annoying screeching noise that is one of every sound guy's worst nightmares. How do you stop it from happening? First let’s look at what audio feedback is, then we can see how to stop it from happening in the first place. What is audio feedback? Audio feedback or sometimes referred to as acoustic … Continue reading Steps to Stopping Feedback in its Tracks

YouTube vs Vimeo. Which Should We Use?

Before I came on staff at the church I am working for, the video director always uploaded our message videos to Vimeo instead of YouTube and I never understood why. What were the benefits of Vimeo over YouTube? I mean YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, second to Google who owns … Continue reading YouTube vs Vimeo. Which Should We Use?

The Perfect Microphone

Obviously with any worship service, the key factor is the sound. If the congregation can’t hear the music and the message, the service simply won’t work. For this reason, choosing microphones should be given serious consideration. There are many types of microphones that are all optimized for different types of events, different spaces, and different … Continue reading The Perfect Microphone