How to Upgrade your Social Media Graphics (Tutorial Included)

I love a solid bulletin design and an accompanied announcement slide but the truth is, we aren't likely to carry a bulletin around with us everywhere we go. However, there is something that we rarely go without; our smartphones. Not only that, but most people that have a smartphone also have one or more social … Continue reading How to Upgrade your Social Media Graphics (Tutorial Included)

The 6 Church Website Essentials

When it comes to launching or redesigning your church website there are so many incredible options available. If you've got plenty of design experience, you may create your website from scratch. If you have no design experience whatsoever there are multiple companies that specialize in church websites that are not only easy to design but simple … Continue reading The 6 Church Website Essentials

How to Make a Geofilter + FAQ

Is everyone really using Snapchat? According to the statistics in a video titled "Intro to Snapchat" posted by Snapchat on their YouTube channel, more than you might think! I was pretty shocked to learn that 41% of people ages 18-34 in the US are reached by Snapchat while only 6% of that same demographic are reached through … Continue reading How to Make a Geofilter + FAQ

Church Social Media Study + Your Questions Answered

Social media is a part of daily life for many people. In fact, according to a study released by Pew Research Center, 76% of the Internet users are active on one or more social media sites. It's crazy! We use our computers, tablets, and smart phones to tap into this ever  expanding world of communication, news … Continue reading Church Social Media Study + Your Questions Answered

The 10 Commandments of Church Social Media

For most people, social media is a part of everyday life. This light hearted article will give you some basic rules to follow so your church can take advantage of this incredible communication tool. I. Thou shalt choose the right platform(s) for thy church With so many choices, it can be tough to decide! Should … Continue reading The 10 Commandments of Church Social Media

Going Live on Facebook!

There are two things that work very well in the social media world. Mobile and videos.  Put these two things together and you have one of the most powerful ways to connect and communicate with your audience.  Recently, I have been noticing a lot of celebrities, athletes, and news stations using Facebook Live to reach … Continue reading Going Live on Facebook!