Is The Rule of Thirds Overrated?

  THE RULE OF THIRDS “The basic principle behind the rule of thirds is to imagine breaking an image down into thirds (both horizontally and vertically) so that you have 9 parts…The theory is that if you place points of interest in the intersections or along the lines that your photo becomes more balanced and … Continue reading Is The Rule of Thirds Overrated?

Video Streaming 101: How to Get Started

As technology grows, streaming sermons and church conferences has become far more popular. It’s a great way to connect with those who cannot be physically in the building, for a variety of reasons, or those who wish to connect to the message on other days. So it’s no surprise that streaming the worship service has … Continue reading Video Streaming 101: How to Get Started

Crash Course Resources: Post-Production Edition

When it comes to producing quality videos for your church, there is so much to learn! Fortunately, there is a seemingly endless supply of resources online to help. Here are a few of my favorites to get you started.   VIMEO VIDEO SCHOOL This is the perfect site to find foundational tutorials for any editing … Continue reading Crash Course Resources: Post-Production Edition

YouTube vs Vimeo. Which Should We Use?

Before I came on staff at the church I am working for, the video director always uploaded our message videos to Vimeo instead of YouTube and I never understood why. What were the benefits of Vimeo over YouTube? I mean YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, second to Google who owns … Continue reading YouTube vs Vimeo. Which Should We Use?

Can You Use a GoPro in Church?

Church camera systems have grown increasingly complex and modern, but with this growth also comes an additional expense on many budgets that are already feeling the pinch. With many churches wanting to develop how their services are visually captured and shared, some are turning to less conventional means of capturing these moments. One innovative idea includes using … Continue reading Can You Use a GoPro in Church?

Going Live on Facebook!

There are two things that work very well in the social media world. Mobile and videos.  Put these two things together and you have one of the most powerful ways to connect and communicate with your audience.  Recently, I have been noticing a lot of celebrities, athletes, and news stations using Facebook Live to reach … Continue reading Going Live on Facebook!

Serif v. Sans Serif Fonts for Song Lyrics

When designing new slides for worship songs, which fonts should you use? Serif or Sans Serif? Or both? This is a common question and in an age of an ever-evolving church culture, which will resonate the most with churchgoers? Below is a list of pros and cons for both options and a few tips for designing … Continue reading Serif v. Sans Serif Fonts for Song Lyrics